Apollon Computer Service boasts a comprehensive consultation service for our small medium business or home office customers.

We realise that one of the key factors in running a successful IT infrastructure is to ensure you are not suffering from cost over-runs by over complicating your IT services. We often see this when assessing a customer site and will ensure we get your IT needs simplified for ease of management and reduction in costs!

Our engineers have worked for many years in the IT industry, which has enabled us to streamline the process we use when assessing an existing IT infrastructure, your procurement process, budget and IT support requirements.  We will carry out a full site survey upon initial consultation and offer a competitive quotation based on your needs.

We specialise in ensuring you have a hassle free migration from your old system to the new one, meaning the minimum of downtime and frustration for your staff!

Here are a just a few of the consultation services we offer.

  • Fully comprehensive site survey with techno-jargon free diagrams.
  • A site visit to ascertain the existing IT hardware and software.
  • Discussion with the business owner on the current day to day issues with the current IT systems.
  • Streamlining of your procurement process and lowering your IT costs.
  • Simplifying your IT infrastructure to ensure the systems are reliable and easy to use.
  • Setup of a competitive IT support package for ongoing support of your systems on a monthly basis.