Q?Is your premises a shop or appointment system?

Apollon Computer Service is not a shop, therefore all appointments must be made in advance via telephone, our helpdesk page, text or email.

Q?How long does it take to perform a site survey?

Generally speaking we will ensure our site survey takes no longer than 2 hours, however this can vary depending on the complexity of the existing IT infrastructure.

Q?Will I be charged a callout fee for a home computer problem?

We charge a minimum fee of £20 for all support queries. The first 60 minutes of our initial diagnostics if free, thereafter it is £50 per hour. We will inform the customer if the diagnostic period goes over the initial 60 minute period to see if they would like to proceed.

Q?Do you build computers to a custom specification – such as playing games or video editing?

Yes – Our engineers are fully trained in the latest computer hardware to ensure you get the best bang for buck for your new computer build.  We will have a chat with the customer to get an understanding of their day to day tasks and then create three specifications for the customer to choose from at different price levels.

Q?I would like to go for a fully managed hosted solution, how does this work?

Apollon Computer Service understand that small businesses requirements can vary significantly.  One of the specific areas where this is the case is whether or not the customer has the capacity to host the necessary hardware (such as servers) onsite.  In addition they may also have concerns over physical security at their premises and would prefer a fully hosted solution to keep their critical data offsite.

This is where our hosted solution comes into play.  We can host all of your required servers through the power of virtualisation running on our stable VMware ESXi platform.  In addition we can also implement a VDI solution or seamless applications through our multi-tenant Citrix XenDesktop system.

Using these solutions we can keep your infrastructure running smoothly and reduce your IT hardware overheads onsite.

Q?How does the remote support system work?

We offer remote support for our home computer and small business customers. We always strive to make sure we establish an excellent relationship with our customers by performing an initial site visit before we get you started with remote support.

Our technicians use the excellent AnyDesk software, which allows us to remotely access your servers, workstations and mobile devices.  Whilst carrying out a home computer job we will recommend our customers have the remote support agent installed on their computers.  Once the software is installed, give us a call when you would like help with something and we will initiate the support session.

AnyDesk supports encryption, which will ensure the traffic is secured once we are connected remotely.  For our business customers we will use our remote support system in both unattended and remote input modes to ensure we can fix a problem on a device, regardless of whether the customer is present.

Q?I need help deciding which vendor to use for my small business IT hardware, can you help?

Yes. As part of our consulation service, we will analyse your existing hardware vendors and make suggestions regarding how moving to a new vendor could cut your procurement costs.

We use trustworthy hardware suppliers for our custom PC builds which will come with a 3 year warranty in case of failures. For small businesses we use Dell hardware for our servers and Cisco for networking equipment or Linksys for lower budget setups.  If you are looking for a NAS device we use multiple vendors, depending on the requirements.

Our hosted solution uses Dell Poweredge R70 series servers and Synology NAS devices for storage, coupled with PfSense for firewalling and routing.

Q?How do I access your documentation as a home computer user?

Our home computer users can check our Blog section on this website where our engineers regularly post information regarding common computer tasks, such as installing a USB or network printer to using Microsoft Outlook to send an email.

Q?Do you repair laptops?

Yes. We cover both laptop and desktop repairs and a plethora of mobile devices! We will assess your laptop hardware problem to see if a repair is viable.  In many cases a replacement part, such as a new DC jack, LCD, hard drive, RAM or keyboard will resolve the problem, whilst not breaking the bank.  In some cases, however we will advise that the machine is beyond economical repair and suggest a replacement.