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Apollon Computer Service has been repairing home computer issues for over 6 years.  These issues can range from installing most commonly used operating systems (such as Microsoft Windows) to setting up a robust backup system, to simply understanding how to safely browse the internet or send email.

The home computer sector has grown exponentially over the last 10 years as customers are looking to add more technology to their home for streaming media, playing games and home office setups.  We ensure that we stay abreast of these changes by keeping up to date with all of the latest technologies.

The two areas we like to focus on with our customers are data backup and security.  We can implement a cost effective solution, suited to the customers requirements to ensure all of their device data is backed up to either local or cloud storage.  In addition to data backup setups we also look to ensure the customer is employing safe browsing habits whilst on the internet and to ensure they have adequate anti-virus and anti-malware protection as an extra layer of protection.

At Apollon Computer Service we ensure our workmanship is of the absolute highest quality at all times and strive to create long lasting relationships with our home computer customers!

Here are just a few of the services we cover for home computer customers.

  • Operating system installations, patching and troubleshooting.  Microsoft Windows XP/7/Vista/8/8.1/10, Apple OS X and Linux distributions.
  • Software installations, patching and fault finding.  Covering everything from Microsoft Office to anti-virus programs, data backup, browsers and bespoke software.
  • Desktop PC builds to specification or hardware upgrades to existing machines.  We will take a look at your existing desktop PC and see if hardware upgrades can be performed without breaking the bank.
  • Laptop and netbook hardware repairs.  We have extensive experience diagnosing a whole range of laptop vendors.  Covering replacement LCD’s, motherboards, DC power jacks, keyboards, touchpad assemblies and more.
  • Wireless and wired networking equipment.  We cover physical cabling of your home with Cat5e/6 as well as HomePNA and wireless access points and routers.  If you’re having a problem with wireless signal degradation or have a cabling problem we can help.
  • Home theatre PC’s.  We have now branched out into building specialist machines specifically for home theatre setups, that allow customers to stream web content, music, video and photographs from anywhere in the house. We can configure these for either Windows or Linux operating systems.
  • Remote support or onsite.  We provide a friendly face to face service or if you prefer we can connect to your home computers remotely, meaning you can get on with other tasks whilst we fix the problem.