Small Business








Apollon Computer Service covers all your needs as a small medium business owner or a sole trader.  Over the years we have developed an effective IT business strategy to ensure all requirements are fully satisfied as well as ensuring the customer is comfortable using the new technologies.

Not only will we ensure your business gets the support it needs around the clock, we will also carry out IT training to ensure your staff are confident with the various systems installed.

Our engineers have worked in both the private and public sector for large and small medium businesses and have developed a wide range of skills that now allow us to implement and manage a huge array of different solutions, catered to the customer requirements and budget.

Virtualisation and virtual desktop infrastructure have now become an excellent solution for reducing IT hardware overhead and streamline software deployment and patching. At Apollon Computer Service we can offer a colocation solution in a secure and local datacentre for our customers, meaning we can cover the maintenance and monitoring of your servers and onsite workstations with the minimal of fuss.

Here are just a few of the services we offer for the small medium business customer.

  • Analyse and upgrade existing IT infrastructure.  This includes wired and wireless networking, servers, switches, routers, storage appliances and workstations.
  • Create a brand new infrastructure for a new business and setup an affordable package for maintenance, security audits, monitoring and procurement with our hosted solution.
  • Hardware diagnostics and upgrades for existing IT equipment.
  • Thin client implementation and configuration for our Citrix XenDesktop infrastructure to minimize on expensive onsite workstation costs.
  • Implementation and configuration of a VOIP system and setup of reliable SIP trunks and PSTN integration and deployment of a SIP client as a seamless application or desktop.
  • Procurement advice for a wide range of IT hardware from reliable vendors, such as Dell, HP and Supermicro.
  • Implementation of a robust backup system to ensure your data is always accessible and secured.
  • Remote support and SNMP based monitoring for all of your equipment once everything is up and running.
  • Onsite visits to ensure your infrastructure is working well from one of our friendly and professional engineers.
  • Company website and CMS system design.